If A Cow Gets A Massage ... How About You? - massagejefferson
Is there really such a thing as a cow massage?
Lucky, a 7-year-old dairy cow, from Wisconsin had been walking with a limp for a few weeks. Her owner was concerened and brought in their veterinarian Sara Gilbertson to see what she could do to help.

The solution for our cow in pain?
Believe it or not instead of prescribing painkillers, the vet prescribed a chiropractic adjustment with a spinal massage!

How did Lucky like the treatment?
Notice what the article said:
"The cows tolerate it incredibly well," said Gilbertson, the veterinarian.
"They may be apprehensive at first, until they figure out how good it feels."

Farmers believe that the massages are actually helping the cows to produce healthier milk because they are less stressed.

Now if a farmer is willing to spend $75 on a massage for his cow...
Don't you deserve to get a relaxing massage and feel good too?

Don't have a cow its not going to cost you $75 either!
Therapeutic massages in Jefferson Georgia start at $59!

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